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hi im an 18 year old girl from melbourne

Update: the 1975 were great last night (except for the stupid girls who clearly don’t understand the concept of a mosh)
Anddddd now I have Ben Howard to see tomorrow!! Woooooooooo

// i m  f a l l i n g  f o r  y o u //

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Seeing the 1975 tonight!!! So keen 😄😄😄

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I wanted so badly
to ask what she
did to you, but
I know better
than to reopen
old wounds.


me: *is probably trying to get drunk*

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i talk a lot of shit for someone who cries in the shower

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harry styles crosses the state line. “idaho,” he reads. “no, you da ho,” he says to himself, laughing as he wonders what the fuck he’s doing in idaho

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